About Us and Our Vision

In a nutshell - Lesno. is a company that aims to ease the transition to digitalization.

In the world of modern technology, the internet, social networks and globalization, all areas of life and business are changing at a speed for which no one is prepared. Change and innovation often do not reach small and medium-sized businesses. And when it does, in most cases it is too late.

Our vision is that every freelancer, every small and medium business should and can focus on their core business and leave it to us to advise them and provide services that are within our expertise. Our mission is to provide you with quality digital services - whether it's a website, logo, social media campaign or"just" start-up consultation. This includes putting measures in place to protect you and your customers' privacy that otherwise only large corporations can afford.

Who Are We?

The Lesno. team is made up of people with many years of experience in different areas of digitalization - both in large corporations and small local companies. Having built successful careers and leading side businesses in Germany, we have gone through countless hurdles related not only to technical knowledge, but also to bureaucratic rules, European laws and business strategies. Our expertise will facilitate the development of your business.


  • Help small and medium businesses go digital.
  • Provide services in the areas of IT, media, communications, social media and advertising, business consulting and data protection.
  • Be transparent, honest, and direct with our clients.
  • Offer quality services at fair prices.
  • Help each type of business individually.